EAC Certification Matrix

EAC Certification Matrix

For large projects in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU States), contractors are often required to prepare an EAC Certification Matrix of all components, built-in parts and accessories from all suppliers.

EAC Certification Matrix for Large Projects

The EAC Certification Matrix is mainly used in the field of plant construction and machinery construction. The EAC Certification Matrix is provided by the general contractor for all suppliers and must be processed by subcontractors. An EAC Certification Matrix is used to verify that all components, built-in parts and accessories requiring certification have the necessary EAC Approvals, EAC Certificates and EAC Declarations.

If you need an EAC Certification Matrix for your large-scale projects in Russia or EEU States, please contact us. We will prepare an EAC Certification Matrix for your products and thereby create the necessary security for your large-scale projects in Russia and EEU States.

For detailed information regarding the proof of EAC Conformity and an EAC Certification Matrix, please contact our team, we will assist you and create appropriate documentation for your projects.

Project Management in Russia and EEU States

Through many years of experience in EAC Certification and approval activities for CIS States and Eurasian Economic Union States, we have gained a lot of knowledge in this field. We would like to share this knowledge with our customers. If you would like to effectively manage large projects in the Russian Federation or other States of the Eurasian Economic Union and need assistance with standardization as well as organizational and legal issues, we are happy to be at your disposal. In addition, we have established in long-standing partnerships with many Russian companies from various industries, which support us in the execution of projects. This allows us to offer our customers a complete solution from a single source.

EAC Certification in Russia and EEU States

Duration and Cost of the EAC Certification Matrix

The duration and cost of preparing a Certification Matrix depend on both the product and the industry in question, as well as the related Technical Regulations and necessary testing. For detailed information regarding EAC Projects in Russia, the Eurasian Economic Union or CIS Countries, please contact us.

Authorized Contracting Person for EAC Certification 

The Eurasian Economic Union regulations require that the manufacturer must have a registered office in the Common Economic Territory in order to apply for EAC Certification or EAC Declaration. If the manufacturer does not have an establishment in the Eurasian Economic Union, an authorized representative of the manufacturer is required to apply for and conduct EAC Declaration and EAC Certification processes in the Customs Union. Often, a distributor of the manufacturer from one of the states of the Eurasian Economic Union acts as the applicant. In such cases, it is necessary to take into account that afterwards only this distributor owns the exclusive right of distribution for the whole certification period and must issue an authorization of sales activity to all other distributors.

If you wish to remain independent of individual distributors, we can provide you with a contract person. This task can be performed by our branch office in Novosibirsk or Moscow. After successful certification, we will issue an authorization for distribution activities to all your business partners. In case that you decide to part with certain distributors or to engage new ones, we will assist you with your assignments and withdraw or recreate the authorization accordingly.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients:

  1. Performance of EAC Certification
  2. Execution of the EAC Certification Matrix
  3. Consulting for the EAC Certification Matrix
  4. Consulting for the EAC Labeling of Products
  5. Consulting for Major Projects in Russia and EEU

For further questions regarding EAC Certification and EAC Marking, please contact us.