We About Us // AC Inorms GmbH

We offer our customers a qualitative and uncomplicated complete solution from one source!

For our clients, we offer expertise in the field of EAC Certification, EAC Declaration, EAC Approval, SGR Registration and various other standardization processes in Russia, CIS Countries and the Eurasian Economic Union. We support and advise companies on exports to the EEU States. 

Our Expertise 

We offer our customers a qualitative and uncomplicated complete solution from a single source! We maintain a Eurasian branch and cooperate with several state and private testing institutes, research laboratories and other certification bodies in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. 

Our Eurasian branch and our partners from the EAEU countries are experienced service providers. For several years we have been dealing with the processing of EAC certificates, EAC declarations, EAC approvals, EAC registrations and various other standardizations and standardizations on site in the respective countries.

Expertise // EAC Certification

We are based in Moenchengladbach, Germany, and communicate from here with our German and European clients, focusing on the expectations of our customers. Thus, we enable an uncomplicated and high quality solution for your export business. Our expertise is based on our competence, our experience and a variety of great specialists - our team.

After Sales Customer Services 

For our customers, we offer free aftersales customer service. This includes any consultation regarding purchased services and is provided throughout the entire validity period of the issued EAC Certificates, EAC Declarations or EAC Approvals.

Thus, customers who permanently certify their goods with the help of Inorms will always receive free consulting services regarding all standardization and standardization issues in Russia and the EEU States. We advise and support you on every specific and general export issues related to the CIS and Eurasian Union States. Our goal is always to be a bit better than our customers expect!

Satisfaction Guarantee

The quality of our services is subject to constant improvements. The improvements are based on the feedback and requests of our customers, which we look forward to and always ask our customers for.  After a standardization project, we ask our customers for a detailed review. We are open to suggestions for improvement and we guarantee absolute quality of our services and excellent customer service. With Inorms, you will always get 101% customer focus.

Once a Customer - Always a Customer

We aim to achieve sustainable customer satisfaction, constantly improve our services to our customers and win our customers as long-term partners. For our customers, we therefore offer a competent complete solution for export activities in Russia and the states of the Eurasian Economic Union. While doing so, we guarantee absolute quality of all services from translation of technical documents to EAC Certification of our clients' products.

Once Inorms - Always Inorms

We offer our customers an absolute satisfaction guarantee and always try to be a little better than what our customers expect from us. If you are not satisfied with our services, neither are we! And please let us know your dissatisfaction so that we can find a perfect solution together.

If something did not work as you expected, we are always open to any criticism and/or feedback and are constantly ready for the desired improvement. We thank our customers for feedback, references and suggestions for improvement. This helps us get a little better every day and provide even better service to our customers.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our customers:

  1. EAC Declaration for Russia and EEU
  2. EAC Certification for Russia and EEU
  3. EAC Certification for Belarus and EEU
  4. Certifications and Approvals for Ukraine
  5. EAC Certification for Kazakhstan and EEU

For further information regarding EAC Certification and EAC Declaration, please contact us.