Strength Calculation for EAC Certification

Strength Calculation for EAC Certification

The Strength Calculation of Devices, Equipment and Machines Used under Overpressure is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Technical Regulations TR CU 032/2013 - On the Safety of Pressure Equipment. The strength calculation is a mandatory measure for export to Russia and EEU States. The aim of the provisions of the Technical Regulations TR CU 032/2013 - On the Safety of Pressure Equipment is to protect the citizens in the EEU Member States as well as their health and property.

Strength Calculation According to TR CU 032/2013

The Strength Calculation is used to assess the resistance to fracture at the allowable stress. The fracture resistance, stability and allowable stress of pressure equipment are calculated by a special software. During the tests, the operating conditions are simulated in order to determine the load-bearing capacity of the equipment. For individual components of the equipment used under overpressure, the strength of walls is determined with the help of calibration calculations.

Strength Calculation for Pressure Equipment

The following information is required for strength calculation:

  • Type of Machine
  • Geometrical Characteristics
  • Fabrics and Materials Used
  • Listing of all Components of the Equipment
  • Placement of all Components of the Machine
  • Level of Stress of the Machine

The test results are provided to the manufacturer (or the manufacturer's authorized representative) in the form of a complete and detailed test report.

A strength calculation includes the following information:

  • Starting Data for Calculation
  • Calculation Results
  • Operating Conditions
  • Picture of the Machine

The tests are based on the following regulations:

  • PNAE G-7-002-86 Standards for Strength Calculation of Equipment and Piping of Nuclear Power Plants
  • GOST R 52857.4-2007 General Requirements, Calculation of Strength and Tightness of Joints
  • NP-068-05 Pipe Fittings for Nuclear Power Plants, General Technical Requirements

Application of Strength Calculation

The strength calculation is applied to the following products:

  • Pressure Vessels
  • Pressure-Retaining Equipment Parts
  • Equipment Parts with Safety Function
  • Nuclear Power Equipment, Including Nuclear Power Plants
  • Transportation and Processing Objects for Oil and Gas
  • Common Industrial and Civil Objects
  • Electrical Power Facilities
  • Pipelines
  • Steam Boilers
  • Heating Boilers
  • Instruments

Documentation for Strength Calculation

The following documents and records are required for strength calculations:

  • List of Materials
  • Technical Drawings
  • Operating Descriptions
  • Application Area of the Machine
  • Design Duration of the Machine
  • Pipe Pressure of the Machine
  • Rated Pressure of the Machine
  • Technical Product Description
  • Design Temperature of the Machine
  • Regulatory Approval Documents
  • Load Type of the Machine
  • Life of the Equipment
  • Structure of the Machine

Duration of Strength Calculation

The duration and cost of preparing the strength calculation depend both on the particular product and industry, on the related Technical Regulations (TR CU/TR EEU) and necessary tests.

Authorized Contracting Person for EAC Certification

According to the regulations of EEU states, it is stipulated that the manufacturer must have a registered office in the Common Economic Territory of the Customs Union in order to apply for EAC Certification or EAC Declaration. If that is not the case, an Authorized Contract Person of the manufacturer is required to apply for and perform EAC Declaration and EAC Certification processes in the Customs Union of EEU States. Often, a business partner of the manufacturer from one of the states of the Eurasian Economic Union acts as the applicant. It is necessary to take into account that after the EAC Approval, only this distributor owns the exclusive right of distribution for the whole certification period and must issue an authorization of sales activity for all other distributors.

In such situations, the manufacturer becomes dependent on his business partner, who acted as the manufacturer's authorized contract person during EAC Certification or EAC Declaration. If you wish to remain independent of individual distributors, we can provide you with a legal contract person. This task can be performed by our branch office in Russia. After the successful EAC Approval, we will issue an authorization for sales activities to all your distributors. In case you decide over time to part with certain distributors or to engage new ones, we will support you in all your decisions and adjust the authorization accordingly.

Our Services

 We offer the following services to our customers:

  1. Preparation of EAC Strength Calculations
  2. Performance of EAC Certification for Pressure Equipment
  3. Performance of EAC Declaration for Pressure Equipment
  4. Consulting for EAC Certification for Pressure Equipment
  5. Consulting for EAC Declaration for Pressure Equipment

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