Our business is based on the principles of integrity. We provide accurate and comprehensive information to our customers so that they can use our services safely. Our dealings with suppliers are honest and respectable and characterized by fairness and equality. As a matter of principle, we refrain from contacts with dubious cooperation partners who engage in questionable practices.

Compliance Culture and Customer Satisfaction

Corporate governance and corporate control issues are important. Your Inorms Export Partner has developed and compiled guidelines that express nationally and internationally recognized standards and norms of good and responsible corporate governance and business organization.

For our customers in the B2B sector, we offer high-quality services, which are always tailored to the individual needs of our clients. The satisfaction of our customers is the highest priority in our company. The cooperation between our customers and our company is based on mutual trust. Thanks to that, we, as a competent certification service provider, regularly acquire new customers.

Compliance with Laws, Guidelines and Regulations

As a matter of course, we comply with the laws, policies, regulations and other rules of society and conduct our business with ethical principles in mind. We accept other cultures and respect the laws and social customs of the international community.

Competitors, Community and Society

As a respectable service company, which always acts within the given legal framework, we advocate fair competition executed according to transparent rules. It is important to us that we always offer our diverse certification services in cooperation with our partners in a fair environment with equal opportunities. One of our main objectives is to achieve collectively desirable goals within the community as part of society. First and foremost among these are ideal social and environmental conditions.

The optimizing of prosperity and the constant improvement of the natural environment are not just empty promises for us. However, such objectives can only be achieved in collaboration. It is our goal to contribute to this purpose every day and integrate ourselves into society as a responsible agent.

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

Through a wide-ranging portfolio of services, we as a company aim to contribute to the social well-being and benefit of our customers. In that process, especially the guarantee for success - quality and innovation - builds the basis of our day-to-day entrepreneurial activities. On this foundation, we strive for the satisfaction of our business partners.

With regard to our valued employees, the aspect of occupational safety assumes the greatest possible importance for us. Our employees are continuously trained in all matters related to the QHSE directive. This is one of the main reasons why we place a strong focus on lifelong learning. As a company that is economical, social and ecologically sustainable, we can ensure that our workforce has the necessary expertise at all times to provide our customers with the best possible support for their concerns.