Test Reports for EAC Certification

Test Report for EAC Certification in Russia and EEU States. EAC Certificate and EAC Declaration for various product groups. Test Report for EAC Certification in Russia and EEU States. EAC Certificate and EAC Declaration for various product groups.

Before exporting to Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union, individual sample products must be tested for quality and conformity with EEU Standards. For successful EAC Certification or EAC Declaration, products to be imported are examined in the accredited testing laboratories for quality and compliance with the Technical Regulations. The preparation of EAC Certificates and EAC Declarations is based on Test Reports. These are carried out in accredited testing laboratories in the Eurasian Economic Union. A Test Report is a document proving conformity with the declared technical data of the product.

Application of Test Reports

The products may only be examined by testing laboratories accredited in the Eurasian Economic Union. The foreign producers send the individual product samples to the testing laboratories. There, the product samples are tested and assessed in different ways. All test results are recorded in the Test Report. The number and type of tests are prescribed by the Technical Regulations (TR CU) of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). When the product sample has passed all the tests, a Test Report and a Certificate are issued. The Test Report confirms that the product sample complies with all provisions of the Technical Regulations. If the test results of the product sample are negative, this will also be communicated in writing.

Test Reports are required for EAC Certification, EAC Declaration or State Registration with other important documents and records, such as: Operating Manuals, Technical Passport, Safety Assessment, Safety Data Sheets and the like. Based on these documents and records, EAC Certificates, EAC Declarations or State Registrations (SGR) are prepared for the products to be imported.

Test Reports are required for the application of various approvals:

  • EAC Certificate
  • EAC Declaration
  • GOST Certification
  • EAC Fire Safety Certificate
  • State Registration
  • Epidemiological Control
  • Sanitary Control

The following information will be verified:

  • Conformity with the Technical Regulations of Russia
  • Conformity with the Technical Regulations of the EEU
  • Content of Chemical Substances
  • Composition
  • Alcoholic Content
  • Radioactivity

Testing Methods / EAC Certification

There are two types of testing:

  • Destructive Testing
  • Non-Destructive Tests

Certain properties of sample products can only be verified by destructive testing, for example fire safety.

Validity period of Test Reports:

  • Compulsory Certification: the Test Report can be Issued for 1 to 5 Years
  • Voluntary Certification: the Test Report can be Issued for 5 Years and Longer

Duration of Issuance of a Test Report

The duration of the tests varies greatly and depends on the type of product. Depending on the type of product, several tests are required. These can be very elaborate and take a longer time. Simple tests, on the other hand, are usually completed very quickly. For detailed information regarding the issuance of Test Reports and other technical documentation, please contact us.

Duration and Cost of EAC Certification

The duration and cost of EAC Certification preparation depend on both the product and industry in question as well as the related Technical Regulations and necessary tests. For more detailed information regarding the preparation of technical documents and records, please contact our team, we will be glad to help you and prepare all the necessary documents for your products.

Authorized Contracting Person for EAC Certification

According to the regulations of EEU Countries, it is mandatory that the manufacturer must have a registered office in the Common Economic Territory of EEU Countries in order to apply for EAC Certification or EAC Declaration. Should that not be the case, an authorized representative of the manufacturer is required to carry out EAC Certification processes in the Customs Union.

In such situations, a business partner of the manufacturer from the EEU States often acts as the applicant. It is necessary to take into account that afterwards only this distributor owns the exclusive right of distribution for the entire certification period and must issue an authorization for sales activity to all other distributors. In such situations, the manufacturer becomes dependent on his distributor, who acted as the manufacturer's authorized contract person during EAC Certification.

If you wish to remain independent of individual distributors, we can provide a contract person for you. This task can be performed by our Russian branch in Moscow or Novosibirsk. After successful EAC Certification, we will issue an authorization for distribution activities to all of your business partners. If you decide to part with certain distributors or engage new one, we will assist you with all your wishes and adjust the authorizations accordingly.

Our Services

We offer the following services to our customers:

  1. Performance of EAC Certification and EAC Declaration
  2. Consulting for the Performance of Necessary Tests
  3. Consulting for the Performance of Voluntary Tests
  4. Consulting for the Accreditation of Laboratories in the EEU States
  5. Consulting for EAC Labeling of Various Product Groups

For further information regarding the preparation of Test Reports for EAC Certification, please contact us.