Customs Clearance of Goods in the EEU States

Customs Clearance of Goods in the EEU States

Russia and the EEU States are important trading partners of the German and European Export Industry. In addition to EAC Certification, our range of services also includes customs clearance of goods in the EEU States. Diverse products from Germany, France, Italy and other European States are exported to Russia and EEU States. Major export goods include medical technology, production equipment, electrical equipment, chemicals and medicine.

Customs Clearance for Russia and EEU States

In addition to EAC Certification and EAC Declaration, we also provide customs clearance for goods in Russia and the EEU States. There is no free trade agreement between the Customs Union of EEU States and the Countries of the European Economic Area. Thus, customs clearance and import regulations for Russia and the Member States of the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU States) are somewhat more complex than within the EU States. Our many years of experience and expertise provide all the prerequisites for fast and uncomplicated processing of EAC Certification and customs clearance of goods in Russia and EEU States.

For our customers, we offer the following services:  

  • Review of Export Documents
  • Determination of Customs Tariff Numbers
  • Creation of Export Documents
  • Customs Declaration of Shipments
  • Classification of Products
  • Electronic Customs Clearance
  • Block Customs Clearance
  • Payment of Customs Duties
  • Representation to Customs Authorities

Customs Clearance and Import Regulations

Exporting goods to Russia and EEU States involves not only the logistical tasks, but also interstate customs regulations. Our expertise offers you a unique opportunity to solve this complex endeavour in a legally secure and efficient way.

Special Expertise

One of our most important competences is accompanying the whole process of large investment projects such as production facilities for various industries in Russia and the States of the Eurasian Economic Union. Furthermore, we assist German and European companies from various industries in the organization of long-term and serial production related deliveries to Russia and EEU States. 

Our organization services cover all phases of the project. We start with reviewing contracts and specifications, plan and organize certification, customs clearance and logistics, finish the project with complete delivery. 

EAC Certifications for Russia and EEU States

EAC Certification is required for various product groups included in the Unified Register of products subject to certification or declaration within the EEU States in accordance with the decision of the EEU Commission N620.

For product groups that are not listed in this register, national certification regulations may apply when exporting to Russia and EEU States. The EEU is an international association responsible for regional, cultural and economic development and integration among individual EEU States. The goal of the Eurasian Economic Union is to strengthen competitiveness and economic integration among the individual Member States of the Eurasian Economic Area.

Current member states of the Eurasian Economic Union:

  • Russian Federation
  • Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Republic of Armenia
  • Republic of Kyrgyzstan
  • Republic of Belarus

Classification of Goods

Customs clearance processes need to be efficient. Thus, when clearing large investment projects in Russia and the EEU states, it makes sense to apply for a classification. The classification is a simplification scheme for large shipments. By classifying groups of goods, the individual components of the delivery are combined and customs clearance is applied accordingly as one delivery. Without applying for the benefits of classification, all components of the delivery will be cleared separately in customs.

Block Customs Clearance of Goods

For large investment projects, which are delivered within a short time, there is a possibility to organize the complete delivery as a block customs clearance. This makes customs clearance much faster and easier, individual inventory parts of the delivery are declared and cleared together as one asset.

Electronic Customs Clearance of Goods

Electronic customs clearance has several advantages and is more efficient and reliable than conventional customs clearance of goods in Russia and EEU States. When submitting customs declarations in the electronic form, the presence of the applicant is not required, all necessary documents and records are submitted in electronic form.

Import VAT in Russia and EEU States

Various fees and taxes are levied when importing products into Russia and EEU Member States. In addition to customs duty, import sales tax is also levied on imported products. The calculation of import VAT is carried out in Russia and EEU States on the basis of customs value of imported goods. Furthermore, there is a possibility to be represented by our Russian branch in Moscow and Novosibirsk for tax and contractual purposes. This can optimize several bureaucratic administrative processes. 

Our Services

We offer the following services to our clients:

  1. Execution of Customs Clearance of Goods for Russia and EEU States
  2. Consulting for Customs Clearance of Goods for Russia and EEU
  3. Performance of EAC Certification of Goods for Russia and EEU States
  4. Performance of GOST Certification of Goods for Russia and EEU States
  5. Consulting regarding EAC Marking of Goods for Russia and EEU States

For more information regarding EAC Certification and GOST Certification, please contact us.