Initial Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Initial Calibration of Measuring Instruments

Before being put into operation in Russia and/or EEU States, Measuring Instruments and Measuring Devices subject to EAC Certification must be approved by the Initial Calibration / Poverka of Measuring Instruments and Measuring Devices. Prior to the Initial Calibration / Poverka of Measuring Devices, the measuring devices must be entered in the State Register of Measuring Instruments. 

Measuring instruments that are not subject to mandatory calibration may be calibrated voluntarily. If the measuring instruments or measuring devices are used for state organisations or institutions, a calibration of measuring instruments is mandatory.

Initial Calibration of Measuring Equipment

Calibration or Verification is also called Poverka (Поверка). Initial Calibration is used to check the operational capability of a measuring instrument. The purpose of Initial Calibration / Verification is to ensure the consistency of measurements. The Initial Calibration (Poverka) can only be performed after the execution of Metrological EAC Certification (eng. PAC - Pattern Approval Certificate). Initial Calibration can be compared with factory calibration of measuring instruments or measuring equipment.

The Process of Initial Calibration

The Initial Calibration can only be carried out by accredited certification service providers. After the Initial Calibration / Verification has been carried out, a Verification Certificate is issued and the measuring instrument is labelled with a Verification Mark. The measurement results of the Initial Calibration are used for the creation of technical documents such as Operating Manuals and Technical Passports.

Initial Calibration / Verification is mandatory for all governmental bodies and institutions according to the Russian Verification and Calibration Regulations (FS N102). All imported measuring instruments are calibrated before being placed on the market. After the Initial Calibration, a calibration plan is established according to the legal requirements of the Russian Federation. The calibration plan must be followed in compliance with the legal requirements and calibrations must be carried out regularly. Depending on the industry and type of measuring instrument, different calibrations may be scheduled.

State Metrology Supervision

According to FS N102, the following industries are subject to the State Measuring Instrument Authority:

  • Environmental Protection and Disaster Control
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Trade and Packaging
  • Energy Industry
  • Traffic Safety
  • Health Care
  • Telecommunications
  • Defence
  • Cartography
  • Geodesy

Legal Basis of Metrological EAC Certification 

The Initial Calibration / Verification is carried out in accordance with the Regulations of Rosstandard (Special Approval Authority in Russia) and can only be carried out by accredited certification service providers. Initial Calibration / Verification is usually performed before commissioning or after repair. The initial Calibration / Verification / Poverka is performed in accordance with the Federal Law of the Russian Federation FS N102 - Uniformity of Measurements.

EAC Marking of Measuring Equipment

The calibrated measuring instruments and measuring equipment are labelled with a special EAC Calibration Mark. Before Initial Calibration, the measuring instrument or measuring equipment must be approved by a Metrological Certification and entered into the Register of Measuring Instruments. A verification mark signals to the Russian supervisory authorities that the necessary certifications and calibrations have been carried out.

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  5. Consulting for EAC Labelling of Various Product Groups

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